Rabu, 09 Januari 2008

Roman bridge Tavira

I made in Marika house, she is painter from Germany.She's ok.

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Tavira mengatakan...

03 October 2007, I flew from Jakarta, Indonesia to Lisbon,Portugal.
When I arrived Asbjorn picked me at Lisbon airport and he brought me to his house and I stayed in his house for 3 months or 90 days.He very kind,good,polite,nice,all the best he gave me.He also introduce me to all his friends, for instance, Marika, Pimm, Cornelia,Yon,Sigrid,Ola,and Paavo.I made this painting in Marika house, she famous painter,come from Germany, she gave me kanvas,oil,and thenical for make good paints.I love you all .I miss you

Tavira mengatakan...

This painting about Romans Bridge (very old brigde in Tavira).I like it , Almost every day I went out and took for a wolk via this bridge.

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